Miami Police officer helps family of 4 found sleeping at bus stop

A Miami Police officer reached deep into his own pocket to help out a family from the Bahamas who were sleeping on the streets with a child that needs medical attention.

Miami Police Officer Ryan Michel found a mother and her two children sitting in a bus stop in the early morning hours of Tuesday. He passed by and kept checking on their safety until he finally stopped and talked to the mother around 5:00 A.M. and found out their story. 

The family had come to Miami to have surgery on the youngest child 2-year-old Joshua and had saved up $3,500.00 for the journey and travel expenses. However the mother Ebony Edgecombe, had misplaced the money and the family ended up on the street.

This was not acceptable for Officer Michel who put the family up out of his own pocket to the tune of $500.00 for the weekend at a local motel while the 2 year old Joshua is admitted to the hospital. The officer ended up paying for the Mother Ebony and her sons, Koby, 21, Adrian, 17, and of course Joshua 2. Koby had originally planned on sleeping across the street in a bus stop but that didn’t sit well with Officer Michel.

Now Officer Michel is enlisting the public’s help for further assistance. He is hoping to raise funds for the family so that they have a place to stay after Joshua’s surgery at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital while the child convalesces.

The City of Miami Police Department shared a post of thanks to the Officer for his kind heart in the matter stating:

We are very proud of Officer Ryan Michel. This act of kindness and the passion he displayed to help the community he serves can’t be taught. Thank you Officer Michel.

We are asking for all our Facebook friends to help Officer Michel’s efforts in helping this family by donating

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If you would like to donate to help this family, Pleas e go to the link above and see the full recap of events as told there at the Edgecombe family fund page.



Source: 7News

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    1. My original thought as well. However being from outside the country it may well have been stolen considering the area she was staying in and she never realized it either. Sometimes you look beyond this and to the kid that needs the help, in this case the 2 year old.

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