Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Ambushed in drive by shooting.

A Maricopa AZ. Deputy was on a routine Traffic stop when another vehicle drove up in an ambush type situation and opened fire on the Deputy.

The deputy, who has been with the force for 10 years, suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his legs and was taken to Scottsdale Osborn Hospital. The deputy is expected to fully recover. 

Sheriff Joe Arpaio reacted to the shooting in a tweet and said, “The war on cops continues.”

In a statement to the press outside the hospital Sheriff Arpaio stated:

“Unfortunately we face this situation too many times,” he said. “Something is wrong out there and has to be corrected. When I say war on cops, I think that’s a good title I give it,  that’s what it is – a war on cops.” “When I look at the circumstances, my blood is boiling,” Arpaio said.

“I don’t want this guy going around doing other bad things,” Arpaio continued. “That’s what I worry about. We’ve got to get him off the street. Because if he does this, he can do more. That’s what the danger is right now with this guy.”

“I don’t want to call him a scumbag, a coward but I would like him to surrender, face the music, be a man.”

Deputy Enriquez of the MCSO tweeted: “Great news, Sheriff Deputy who was shot this morning is in stable condition at the hospital.  @DeputyEnriquez

ABC15  tweeted: MCSO searching 4 a shooter who opened fire on a deputy working DUI Patrol – Dep hit multiple times in legs #abc15

The incident details are as follows at about 2:00 A.M. an unnamed Deputy had a vehicle pulled over as part of the DUI Saturation patrol with a uniformed car that had all its emergency lighting activated. Jyst as the Deputy was about to let the vehicle he had pulled over go a vehicle approached and the drive by shooting happened without provocation. The incident happened near 101 frontage road near Price and University.

Approximately 10 rounds were fired at the Deputy several of them struck their mark hitting the Deputy in the legs.

Spokesmen for the Sheriff stated: “As far as why, we don’t have a motive or have any suspect information on why this occurred,” Enriquez said. “We do know this person who fired the rounds knew this was law enforcement. The vehicle was activated – red and blue lights – it was a traffic stop, clearly, so he knew what he was doing as he fired at the deputy sheriff.”

Police are looking for a late 80s or 90s silver Cadillac. It’s not clear how many people were involved in the shooting. There’s also no description available of the suspect(s).

“We’re canvassing the area, we got the Sheriff’s helicopter up, Tempe PD responded and are helping us as well along with neighboring agencies,” Enriquez said. “A silver Cadillac is all we have, I know it’s very vague, but if the public knows anything we need to hear from them.”


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