Richland County, S.C. Sheriff addresses citizens after Facebook post catches his attention

A Facebook post about the rude treatment toward a Deputy of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department was made by a citizen who witnessed the act by an employee of a local eatery. The Establishment made good on it and the Sheriff Responded.

On April 29, Jeremy Thompson Made a Post on His Facebook page that got thousands of shares regarding the way that an employee of Krispy Kreme spoke regarding a Deputy who drove up requesting an order. After the post went viral, Krispy Kreme took notice and disciplined the employee then made a public statement to the Sheriff on their Facebook page. The Sheriff replied.

It was nice to see the way that decent citizens, business and Law Enforcement get along despite a few bad apples. Here are the posts.

Jeremy Thompson

April 29 at 11:26am ·

I will never ever step foot in a Krispy Kreme ever again! This morning I went into the Krispy Kreme on Clemson road to pick up donuts for one of my accounts. There were two ladies working and I was the only customer inside. While one of the ladies was helping me the other walked over to the drive thru window. When she looked out the window she said ” I ain’t doin this one. No way I’m not serving him. Someone else is going to have to take care of him cause I ain’t doin it”. I looked out the window and it was a police officer. I looked at the lady and asked her why she wouldn’t serve him. She said ” I don’t do the POlice”. So the lady helping me had to stop getting my order so she could get his because that piece of crap employee refused to serve him. I waited until I got my order and looked at the other lady and said you know that is wrong! She chose to ignore me. I’ve never seen something so ignorant in my life. I hope one day when she needs the police they don’t show up!


Richland County Sheriff’s Department

Dear Citizens,

An incident involving the Krispy Kreme on Clemson Rd, SC where an employee refused to serve a law enforcement officer solely because he was a cop recently occurred and a witness posted the incident on social media which reached the attention of many. While unfortunate situations being shared and discussed via social media and other avenues is greatly appreciated so that corrective action can take place, the law enforcement community is certainly one who understands that the poor actions of one employee does not properly represent the views and values of the community, business, organization, etc. as a whole. The following are the correspondents between Mechelle Carey, manager of the Krispy Kreme on Clemson Rd where the incident occurred, and Sheriff Leon Lott. We sincerely thank our Krispy Kreme friends.
From: Mechelle Carey
Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2016 7:22 PM
Subject: Krispy Kreme

Good Evening,

My name is Mechelle Carey and I am the district manager for Krispy Kreme and also a Columbia resident, I spoke to Chris Cowan yesterday and he suggested I reach out to you about an unacceptable situation that you may have heard about at our Clemson Road location on Friday. I wanted to write and assure you that we have not only dealt with the employee with strong disciplinary action but to apologize directly to the entire department. We have a long standing and wonderful relationship with all our local law-enforcement, military and first responders – this partnership is incredibly important to us.

We understand that the actions of an employee may have eroded your officers’ faith in us; we would like an opportunity to fix that. This week I and the general manager would like to come by and make a donation of coffee and doughnuts to the team. I see that you are also having coffee with a Deputy on Saturday and would be willing to assist there as well. Please let me know your thoughts.

Mechelle Carey
District Manager, Corporate stores, South Carolina and Eastern Georgia

Our Mission Statement: To touch and enhance lives through the joy that is Krispy Kreme.
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From: Sheriff Leon Lott
Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2016 3:07 PM
Subject: FW: Krispy Kreme
Thank you for your email concerning the incident at your Clemson Road store. As the head of an agency I realize that on occasions an employee’s actions will not represent the mission and values of the organization. I and the Richland County Sheriff’s Department family realize that the isolated incident does not define the wonderful relationship and partnership that Krispy Kreme has with not only the Sheriff’s Department but all Public Safety and Military.

While jokes are often made about donuts and cops, the reality is we all know what place welcomes us and is good to eat; that’s Krispy Kreme.

Again, thank you for quickly addressing the issue and continuing to be our valued partner.

Leon Lott



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