Gwinnett County police officer is recovering after a wanted fugitive attacked him with an ASP baton

An escaped felon who just committed a burglary attacked a Gwinnett County police officer in an attempt to escape. The officer was beaten severely still was able to complete the arrest.

Early Wednesday morning, Officer Jordan Wenslow spotted suspect David Gill, 25, walking down Winder Highway, carrying a duffel bag. Investigators said Wenslow tried to contact Gill, but when the suspect saw the patrol car, he ran away. The officer notified dispatchers and a foot chase followed. 

Cpl. Deon Washington says David Gill had escaped from a work detail two days earlier and had just burglarized a convenience store in Dacula when Wenslow spotted him.

Officer Wenslow’s asp baton “became dislodged from its scabbard”, according to police.

Gill allegedly picked up the baton and struck Officer Wenslow in the face several times. The officer was bleeding profusely and started getting dizzy when he drew his gun and told Gill to get down on the ground. Police say Gill dropped the baton and surrendered.

Officer Wenslow received ten staples to close the wound in his head. He’s believed to have suffered a concussion. He checked out of the Gwinnett Medical Center later that day. Police say he’s “resting and recovering from his traumatic injuries and being cared for by his family”.

Wenslow, assigned to the police department’s East Precinct, has been with the agency since July 7, 2014, Washington said. He graduated from the police academy on Dec. 18, 2014.

Gill was charged with aggravated assault against a law enforcement officer, felony obstruction against a law enforcement officer, possession of a weapon during a crime, giving a false name and date of birth and burglary. Police also found outstanding warrants for him in three different jurisdictions.

The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office Posted the following  regarding the incident:

Gwinnett County Police Officer Jordan Wenslow is a hero. He was on patrol early yesterday morning while most of us were sleeping soundly in our beds. He encountered a violent burglary suspect who attacked his face and head with a defensive weapon that dislodged from his gun belt during a fight. Officer Wenslow sustained serious injuries, but no one died yesterday, not even the suspect who violently attacked this officer. Instead, he’s in our jail being held with no bond, which is a good thing because he’s wanted by three other agencies. He’s off the streets, but this officer paid a price for his removal and that sacrifice should be recognized.
Please join us in thanking Officer Wenslow for his service to our community and wishing him well in his recovery.



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