Durham, N.C. Officer turns disturbance into 5 happy kids

A Durham officer opened his heart and paid it forward when he settled a dispute over a bicycle by purchasing toys for children out of his own pocket

The Durham Police Department posted the following story about the commendable act of generosity by Officer Henderson on their Facebook page: 

It started out as a routine disturbance call, but by the end of the call Officer M.D. Henderson had become a hero to five children. Officer Henderson was working supplemental patrol recently when he handled a disturbance over a bicycle at an apartment complex in District 3. He learned that a father had found a bicycle near a trash Dumpster and fixed it up for his children to ride. The bicycle’s original owner saw the children riding the refurbished bicycle and wanted it back.

Officer Henderson had to return the bicycle to its owner. The children, two girls and three boys ranging in age from 8 to 13, were distressed over the loss of the bicycle. Family members are refugees from Africa and have little money for extras such as toys. “When they started to cry, it hurt me. I couldn’t leave them like that,” Officer Henderson said.

Officer Henderson told the children to wait and said he would be back in a little while. He took $40 of his own money and went to the store to buy the children some outdoor toys and games. “Officer Henderson returned to the apartment with toys and the kids were very excited,” another officer at the call reported.

As Officer Henderson left the call, he saw the children happily playing with the toys.

Officer Henderson, we appreciate your kind heart and generosity.

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