Antioch, CA. Police officer Shot after carjacking in Bay Area is quickly discovered.

A Police officer received superficial wounds and 3 others were hospitalized when officers attempted to apprehend a carjacking thief from the Bay Area.

It all started when Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office had been notified of a carjacking just before 6:00 P.M. on Wednesday evening. Antioch Police spotted the stolen BMW that was reportedly occupied by a man who was armed with a shotgun. 

As officers pursued the vehicle it crashed near the intersections of Leland and Loveridge roads where the driver got out and started shooting at officers. One officer was struck with a non-life threatening wound to the head. Officers returned fire and the suspect quickly surrendered.

The Officer who’s name has not been released was taken to a local medical facility and treated then released.

The stolen BMW’s erratic behavior and attempted flight caused at least 7 vehicles into collision.

Antioch and Pittsburg police responded to the area for the disturbance that closed off the area until late in the evening.

The name of the carjacking suspect was not released.

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