Rocky Mount, VA Police Get a K-9 nobody wanted “A diamond in the ‘RUFFFF’”

K-9 Rousey is a German Shepherd who was abandoned. She was a Stray “missing hair and all skin and bones. But you had that sparkle in your eyes. We worked with you for months you just wanted to be loved and please us. “ According to Carol Skaziak who is one of the founders of Throw Away Dogs the Not for profit organization.

The Organizations goal is to rescue high driven dogs, train them and then donate them to K-9 Departments around the region that cannot afford one.

A department in Winchester began looking at Rousey about a year ago but she didn’t fit their particular needs as they wanted a dual purpose K-9 and she didn’t fit their training. Officer Chris Shelton, Rousey’s partner and handler said. “She couldn’t meet their needs and didn’t have the skills to do the patrol work they needed her to do at that time.”

K9 Rousey left Winchester Virginia (as she did not pass as a dual purpose K-9) and now was matched up with Officer Chris Shelton in the Rocky Mount Police Department as a single purpose Narcotics detection dog.

Rousey and Shelton started basic K-9 school through the Roanoke Police Department on Feb. 8, and on April 11, Rousey was certified for narcotics detection and tracking. She is trained to search cars, buildings, schools and other operational areas. She is also trained to track missing persons. “If an elderly person or a child goes missing, Rousey is trained to track them and find them,” Shelton said.

“She’s definitely home,” Skaziak said


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