Oklahoma City, OK Police Sgt. Burris pays it forward to stranded traveler

The Oklahoma City Police Department Shared the following to their Facebook page from a man who was grateful for a helping hand in his hour of need.

Sent to us by Facebook follower Ebai Bisong…

Hello. My name is Bisong, originally from Cameroon. I was driving from Norman to Oklahoma City last week, trying to get away from the possible tornado. I ran out of gas and was stuck on the highway. I didn’t know what to do. This officer showed up (believe he is a sergeant) and helped me out. I rode in his cruiser and got gas, which he himself put in my car while I watched him. Please, I want you guys to celebrate him. I don’t know his name but here are the pics I took.

Great job Sgt. Burris!

Oklahoma City Police Department

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