Alliance, OH. Police Officer, Protect, Serve and find your marijuana?

42-year-old Dennis Wagner asked Officer Seth Busche if he could help him find his bag of marijuana that he lost in his yard. Well the Officer found it fast enough, but wasn’t exactly ready to return it.

According to Capt. James Hilles the encounter began when Officer Busche found Wagner stumbling around the road. The Officer wanted to make sure that Wagner made it home safe and sound. 

When Wagner was finally in his yard he told the story of how he had lost his marijuana in his yard and asked if the Officer could find it for him. It was quickly located being in plain view. The Officer retrieved it. Wagner asked if Busche would drop it back on the ground for him but he didn’t. Instead he wrote him an appearance ticket for a misdemeanor drug abuse charge.

The event was captured on the Officers body camera and is here for viewing.

City of Alliance Police Department

On 4-27-16, an intoxicated Dennis Wagner (age 42), of 1404 E Summit St, Alliance, OH kindly asked Patrolman Seth Busche to find his marijuana that he had lost in his yard. Busche was quickly able to find the marijuana nearby for Mr. Wagner, but unfortunately was not able to return it. Instead he gave Mr. Wagner a written receipt of the discovery which includes a court date of 4-29-16 at 1 PM at the Alliance Municipal Court.

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