Philadelphia, Pa. Police Department Officer Nejman makes felony stop of one tough hombre!

Philadelphia Police Department Posted the following to their Facebook page:

“Yeah, yeah, ma’am. Tell it to the judge!”

Pictured here is Officer Walter Nejman from the 8th district putting in work while keeping our roads safe. Apparently, this motorist thought that a posted Stop Sign was only a suggestion, and a “slide” would suffice. Uh, no! Also, “not being able to read” really isn’t an excuse – but nice try! Fortunately, P/O Nejman let her off with a warning.

Thanks to mom, Olivia, for the picture [evidence]. If it happens again, we’ll see you guys in court!


Post Falls, Idaho Officer recognized for compassion

A Post Falls Police Officer was called to handle a shoplifter, after doing what the was called upon to do, he went above and beyond and do what he thought was the right thing to do. Continue reading “Post Falls, Idaho Officer recognized for compassion”

Pearl, Ms. Officer Jeremy Haywood takes time to make a friend

A Police officer in Pearl, Ms. knows the importance of community relations and how to build a good rapport. His most recent accomplishment was with a 3 year old fan of “the Blue” who’s mom posted the following:

Officer Jeremy Haywood was patrolling our neighborhood today & Paxton freaked out (like most children) because he thought it was so cool! After a few minutes passed he came back by and stopped to say hello! After a million 3 year old questions, he got out of his car & showed Paxton a few fun things! P loved his “microphone!” 😂😂

As he was saying goodbye Paxton said, “be safe!” If a 3 year old can get it, why can’t adults?? Mississippi gets so many negative views but this picture says it all! Thankful for those who serve our community & keep us safe! And thank you Officer Haywood for making our day! 😉 ‪#‎alllivesmatter ‪#‎mississippi ‪#‎thankful ‪#‎respect

Mandy Jordan

Pearl, Ms. Police Department

Cohasset, MA. Officer Wilson a professional, creating a safe and secure atmosphere when duty calls

During a commercial flight as a passenger Cohasset Police Officer Paul Wilson was flying on Delta when he helped with a medical emergency onboard when no other help was available.

Officer Paul Wilson of the Cohasset, MA. Police Department was attending a conference in Atlanta. While on the flight from Massachusetts to Atlanta a medical emergency occurred demanding immediate attention. Flight attendants put out a call for physicians on board but there was no answer. They then asked for anyone who had any medical expertise and that is when Officer Wilson stepped up to do his duty.  Continue reading “Cohasset, MA. Officer Wilson a professional, creating a safe and secure atmosphere when duty calls”

Mobile Alabama Police Officer Shot 3 times, Suspect shot and in custody

An Early morning undercover narcotics operation went bad when a suspected dealer attempted to escape on a motorcycle and shot an undercover officer three times. Officers returned fire.

At about 2:30 A.M. near the I-10 exit in Grand Bay an undercover narcotics operation took place and a suspect attempted to get away on a motorcycle where he laid the bike down and began firing on officers from the Mobile County Street Enforcement Narcotics Team Or (MCSENT)   Continue reading “Mobile Alabama Police Officer Shot 3 times, Suspect shot and in custody”