Yellowstone County, MT. Sheriff’s Deputy Saves 2 year old from river drowning

Two children went missing from their home near the Yellowstone River. Emergency personnel started searching for them when one Deputy located them in the nick of time.

On Friday morning at about 9:20 two children ages 2 and 5 went missing from their home near the Yellowstone River located in the 200 block of Buena Vista Avenue. Emergency responders including Sheriff’s Deputies, K-9 units and Ambulance crews were alerted immediately and put to work to locate the missing children. 

By 9:43 Deputy Adam Lauwers had followed a bike trail to the Yellowstone River that led from the trailer that the children resided in. He spotted the two children dangerously close to the River when he saw the 2 year old fall into the river.

The Deputy immediately jumped into the 40 degree water and rescued the child from drowning.

“I’m glad he risked himself jumping into the river,” said Capt. Bill Michaelis of the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office. “We’re happy with how it turned out,”

“He went in and saved the child’s life, Had he gone a different direction, it would have been a different outcome.” Sgt. Ryan Taylor with the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office said.

Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office Posted the following message of congratulations to the Deputy on the lifesaving of the two year old on their Facebook page stating:

Good Afternoon Yellowstone County!

A big shout out to Deputy Adam Lauwers for jumping in to the frigid waters of the Yellowstone River to rescue a 2 year old child. He was in the right place at the right time. After seeing the child fall into the river, he sprang to action and jumped in to rescue the child. That is what heroes are made of. GREAT JOB Deputy Lauwers! You make us all proud!


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