Witness now claims to have seen fatal officer-involved shooting in Troy, N.Y.

A Witness now comes forward who claims to have seen the Officer involved shooting in Troy, N.Y. on April 17 and gives a different story on the chain of events.

A witness who spoke with NEWS10 ABC reporter Lindsay Nielsen stated that they saw the incident of an Officer involved shooting happen on April 17, 2016 has just come forward. 

The witness stated that they had cell phone video of the event and that they attempted to help during the shooting showed their cell phone video to the reporter however the video goes black during the viewing by the reporter.

The State Attorney General has now sued the Rensselaer County district attorney’s office for their presentation of the matter of the shooting to a grand jury which resulted in a no bill against the officer finding the shooting justifiable.

According to News10 The New York State Attorney General has not seen the video evidence nor have they spoken to the witness however they wish to.

The crucial chain of events depicted is that the officer was pinned between vehicles and then shoots the suspect. According to the witness the officer shoots and then the vehicle rolled and pinned him.

According to the witness who did not wish to be named or seen on camera, they did give this video to Police but Police state that no video existed. The video was not obtained by the media however they state that they did see it but there were blacked out parts of the video. The reporter stated that audio was still there during the blacked out period when the witness stated that they attempted to help.

It was not stated in what capacity the witness attempted to help or how they could have.

This story may be read here at News 10 “Witness claims to have seen fatal officer-involved shooting in Troy”

Original Story regarding the shooting is found here “Troy, N.Y. Suspect attempts to crush Officer with car during traffic stop”

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