NYPD officers rescued a man whose kayak was sinking about two miles off the coast of Coney Island Saturday.

Police say they received a 911 call about a sinking kayak around 10 a.m. Using a police helicopter Officers located the man, two scuba divers helped the man onto a police boat.

Within 5 minutes Officers from New Yorks Finest were in the air and assisting 33-year-old kayaker Danny Ng whose kayak was half submerged in the 50 degree water off Coney Island. 

Officers from the aviation unit and divers proceeded to begin rescue operations as divers jumped into the water to save Ng. As they prepared to hoist him into the helicopter they saw a NYPD Harbor boat coming to assist. Officers got Ng into that unit when it arrived.

Ng was out on the water fishing and apparently the fish had been too large and dragged his boat in filling it with water. “He had a look of a little panic and he was absolutely exhausted,” Officers Dylan Johnson said. “His boat was compromised with water. He said he hooked a pretty nice-size fish and it pulled him quite a bit.”

Ng and his craft were taken back to a dock safely. Ng was examined by paramedics but refused medical treatment.

“He was prepared, but he wasn’t prepared to sink,” an official said.

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