Indianapolis, IN. Officer struck by vehicle during accident investigation, partner shoots at fleeing suspect

During the routine investigation of an accident, a vehicle not involved in the original accident driving the wrong way is stopped. The operator becomes agitated and hits the officer with his vehicle.

Officers were investigating a traffic accident around 6:45 P.M. in the eastbound lanes of 38th Street between Franklin Road and the I-465 overpass. During the course of their investigation another vehicle entered the lane going the wrong way.

Officers stopped the vehicle that was going the wrong way and started to talk with the driver who became agitated. During the discussion that Officers were having with the driver he became irate and attempted to leave the scene. As he left he struck the officer with his vehicle causing him injury. The second officer fired his weapon at the fleeing vehicle.

Officers gave chase to the vehicle and apprehended the driver a short while later.

Deputy Chief Valerie Cunningham told WISHTV8  “A vehicle is a weapon; we stand here extremely fortunate that the officer was not seriously injured or killed by that vehicle.”

The officer that was struck has suffered injury to his hand and possible back injuries.

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