Greenville County, S.C. Sheriff’s Office Deputy gives a child a gift after home burglary

When a young families home was burglarized in Greenville, South Carolina and Deputy Scott Heath responded to investigate he realized that the family had been hit pretty hard. But he felt worst of all for the toddler Ezra who’s Batman Piggy bank had been stolen. 

After taking the report Deputy Heath went to a store that he had seen a Batman Piggy bank in a few short days earlier and bought one for the child to replace the one that had been stolen. He then placed a sizable sum of money in it to get Ezra started off again.

Deputy Heath told his wife that he thought it was the right thing to do. He returned to the home where the burglary had occurred and gave the gift to the family and told them that he wanted the baby to have it.

Ezra’s mother and father Caitlyn and Christopher Allen were very emotional when they spoke about what the Deputy had done for them. “Everything else is replaceable, but that had sentimental value, and for him to do something like that and you know, no reason to do that you know, (pauses) it’ll bring a tear to your eye,” Said Christopher who was a military veteran.

“He came in he helped us out, I mean more than he’ll ever know, and it’s just hard to believe that there’s still people that serve the community and are willing to go the extra mile to help people out,”  Allen told Fox54.

The reenville County Sheriff’s Office- Steve Loftis Sheriff shared Fox Carolina News‘s post adding:

This story will touch your heart! When a 6-month-old’s piggy bank was stolen during a home burglary, a Greenville County deputy went above and beyond the call of duty to help.

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