Lawrence, KS. Police Officer saves childs birthday after it’s stolen

A Lawrence Police officer took a call of an identity theft to find a mothers money she was using to pay for her sons birthday had been stolen. The officer paid for the childs party himself.

A woman named Samara had saved $100.00 to spend on her sons birthday party. When an identity thief had gotten a hold of her account information he spent it. 

She contacted the Lawrence Police Department  and a Police officer named Leo Souders came to take the report. After taking her information to file the report, Souders took the same amount of money from his own pocket and handed it to Samara.

He wanted to make sure that her son Antonio had his birthday celebrated as she had originally intended. Samara attempted to give the money back to the officer several times but he wouldn’t have it. It was something that he wanted to do.

On Antonio’s birthday he returned to see the child and say hello, a photo was taken with the officer and the two people he helped near his patrol car. Antonio got to see a Police car as well. Again Samara attempted to repay the officer but again he wouldn’t take the money. It was something he wanted to do.

The incident was reported  to the Lawrence Police Department and Officer Souders was quoted saying:

“An act of kindness is one of the most compassionate human offerings one can give to a fellow human being. It’s a gesture given to others from the heart. It’s a gesture that doesn’t cost anything, and if given from heart it causes a ripple effect that touches a number of lives whether it be with only a smile, a hug, a meal or more. Pay it forward and you will reap the benefits.”


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