A Georgia State Police Officer gives a helping hand – literally

Someone noticed a State Police officer in his cruiser observe citizens in distress. The Trooper got out of his vehicle and gave a helping hand. Check it out.

This is what Coffee County Ga. Police Scanner posted on facebook: 

Please share and let’s make the pictures go Viral.
This is the kind of Georgia State Troopers we having working in Coffee County Ga.
An unknown Georgia State Trooper was sitting at the red light at the corner of 206 and 441 in Douglas Ga today (4-25-2016) and he saw and elderly man and lady broke down at the light.
The Trooper backs up his patrol car and blocks the 2 oncoming lanes of traffic and gets out of his patrol car runs over and helps them push their truck into the Wendy’s parking lot.
We would like to say Thank You for helping them out.

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