Kansas City, Mo. Police Officer helps man in wheelchair, inspires others

A moment of compassion caught the attention of an 18 year old. The moment of one person helping another has solidified a way of life of paying it forward.

Larry Cooper, 18 is a high school senior who witnessed a Kansas City Police Officer helping a wheel chair bound man being assisted up a hill. Cooper photographed it and posted it to Facebook and a story emerged. 

Cooper was interviewed by Fox4KC and it was learned that he was inspired by the act. He has wanted to be a Police Officer but after seeing what the officer did in that moment made him want to follow in the Officers footsteps all the more.

The man in the wheelchair was Michael Smith who goes from his home to the areas of Independence and Wilson Avenues to beg for money daily. Normally he doesn’t get much attention at all. However at least on this day one officer gave him a hand when he was struggling to push himself up a hill.

After Cooper witnessed that he told Fox4KC “He was blocking traffic,” (Smith) “He was trying to make his way up. Everyone was honking, going around him, mad and all that, just ignoring him. But the cop stopped and got out, and pushed him along the way, up until the bus stop.”

“It`s character,” he said. “You know, doing what`s right when you think nobody’s looking.”

“It was something that happens on the daily,” Cooper said, “which I know there are plenty of cops who do stuff like that every day and it doesn`t get recognized.”

Being recognized is not what Cooper is interested in though, he is just interested in being someone who can be in apposition to help people when he can stating: “That`s going to be me one day, Me wanting to be a police officer, I know that`s going to be me.”

We still have no idea who the Kansas City Police officer is who helped Smith, he declined to be interviewed, stating he was just doing his job.

When Cooper originally posted the photos to his Facebook page he wrote:

This man in the wheelchair couldn’t make it up the hill through the traffic on his own. So the Kansas City Missouri Police Department made sure he was safe. 💪
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