Cleveland, TN Police Officer goes above and beyond to help elderly woman

While eating his lunch a Cleveland TN Police Officer noticed a woman who was having difficulty while trying to leave the restaurant. Ratherthan just taking a wait and see attitude, he stopped eating and got up to help.

The Officers actions did not go unnoticed although his name did. The woman was so grateful and the act of kindness made her day so much that she told everyone about it. She had wanted to thank him again and let everyone know what a nice thing he did. So please share this story. 

From the Cleveland TN Police Department’s Facebook Page:


One of our 911 dispatchers received a call from a young 82 year old lady with Parkinsons. She wanted to tell us about the officer that helped her.

She went to the doctor yesterday morning, and stopped at the Chef to eat after her appointment. She doesn’t go out much because it’s hard for her to walk anymore. As she was getting up to leave, a city officer who was eating his lunch, noticed her struggling. He got up from his lunch and came to help her. He walked her all the way out to her car, offered to move the car for her so it would be easier for her to get in it, and then helped her get in the car. She said he was so sweet, but she forgot to get his name. He was tall, with dark hair, and told her he’d been here about a year. She said she protested several times that he didn’t need to help her, but he told her he couldn’t just sit there and eat his lunch and watch her fall.

It really made her day. Honestly, it probably made her month. She said she’d called all her kids and told them about it. She told her nurse when she came this morning, and she planned on telling everyone about it. She wanted to thank the officer personally.




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