Billings Mt. Officer recognized for saving a mans life

An officer was recognized by the very man whose life he saved in a public post on Facebook.

The young man named Erik Fame Peterson Shared the personal story along with a photograph of an Officer named Ryan Kramer who he tributes in saving his life during his darkest hours. While thanking others he reminds all of us that none of us are alone. Please read and share: 

So I would like to say thank you to this office right here. As many if you know back in August I was going to kill myself. This is the officer who sat with me for 45 minutes and talked to me like a human and with him being a vet and well brother to brother. He took the time to help me get a different mindset, along well taking me to the hospital didn’t treat me bad or anything at all. He saved my life that night and stopped me from becoming one or the 22 a day. I owe him my life and so much more. He was very humble to take time out of his shift last night to meet up with me and Ryder and talk ask how I’m doing and told me I can do a ride along with him. Please for anyone seeing this, if you are ever thinking about doing that reach out to friends, family, ever the police department, or any other type of 1st responders. Again I am very thankful for Officer Ryan Kramer and everyone else who helped me through that dark spot in my life. Linda Peterson Nate Peterson Brittany Peterson Bree Peterson Roy Voss Amber Rosey Ellestad Garett Sanford Dawn Haase D.j. Morgan Canon Kathy Ellestad Shawn Ellestad Ronnie Zanini KC Wayne Bieber Aaron Fox Nick Metzger Zach Hurd Jessica Metzger Guenthner Luke Wheeler Britney Lorenz Keri Harley Dan Harley Howard Lori Lorenz and many others. And McKayla I can’t tag her in this but I owe her a huge thank you to do making the call to get this amazing officer to help me. Remember never be scared to reach out get help like I was.‪#‎22tellnone‬


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