Washington State Patrol 3 year old K-9 “Patrick” passed away after detection work

A 3 year old K-9 with the Washington State Patrol had just finished screening two Ferry loads of cars for explosives. On his way home the K-9 was taken ill and immediately rushed to a vet.

Trooper Mike Allan who is with Homeland Security and assigned to the K-9 unit of the Washington State Patrol had just completed training with his K-9 partner “Patrick” a 3 year old German Shepherd for explosives detection. After training the team went to the Coleman Ferry Terminal where Patrick screened two Ferry loads of cars for explosives. 

After successfully clearing the two loads of vehicles for explosives the team was on their way home when Trooper Allan noticed that “Patrick” was in distress. Trooper Allan immediately took Patrick to the vet.

It was discovered that Patrick was suffering from tangled intestines and he underwent emergency surgery to correct the problem. It is with great sadness that we report that Patrick did not survive.

The working team of Trooper Allan and K-9 Patrick have been together since October 2015. On December 10, 2015, Patrick and Trooper Allan became a certified K-9 explosive team and have been serving the State of Washington ever since.

“We lost a member of the WSP family who devotedly served the agency, “said Chief Batiste. “Patrick’s’ explosive detection work helps keep tens of thousands of Washington residents and travelers safe.”

Trooper Mike Allan and all members of the Homeland Security Division are mourning the loss of Patrick.”

– Captain Edward J. Swainson of Homeland Security Division



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