Greenville County, S.C. Sheriff’s Deputy gets a shout out to Local news for an act of kindness

A passerby noticed a Deputy Sheriff changing a flat tire for a motorist on a busy stretch of highway and posted it to local news.

Too often people only see the bad that the few officers do and refuse to see the tremendous amounts of good that are done daily by them. It is great when people take a snapshot and post it to social media then share it. 

This photo was taken by Kara Euler Hattan and shared with Fox Carolina News and posted it on their Facebook page. She wrote the following caption:

I wanted to share this photo I took this morning (I was stopped in traffic). A Greenville County Sheriff’s Officer had stopped on Standing Springs Rd in Simpsonville and was changing a flat tire for an older woman. Even though I don’t know who this officer is, I wanted to acknowledge his good deed. Thank you, and all of our officers, for all that you do for our community.


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