Truckee, CA. Police Officer makes a traffic stop on behalf of a young lady for a special reason

What do you do when you are a young lady and you want to ask a young man to the prom but it is not Sadie Hawkins Day? You enlist the help of a friendly Truckee, CA. Police Officer!

A young lady and gentleman were driving when pulled over by the Truckee, CA. Police for a minor infraction. The young lady named Katie was filming the event knowing full well what was about to happen. 

As the young man was issued his “summons” he was asked to read it to the officer and the youn man found that he was being asked to take his passenger to the prom instead of being issued a real ticket. He laughed and said YES!

WBL is encouraged to see that the Officers of Truckee have such a wonderful rapport with the teenagers of their jurisdiction that they feel comfortable asking Officers to do such things and that the Officers are equally comfortable doing them. This is getting to know the people in your jurisdictions and showing a human side.

The following was posted to the Truckee Police Departments Facebook Page: 

A local high school student sought help from Officer Misch to attempt the perfect Prom proposal. The result was pretty cute… To all of our Truckee High School Students, we hope you all have a safe and wonderful Prom! #promposal #PROM2k16 — with Truckee High School.





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