Brentwood, CA. – Police Officer replaces teens stolen bike with help of Department members

A middle school students bicycle was stolen outside a store and officers took up a collection to buy him a new one paying it forward to this exceptional young man.

Dylan Smith a Bristow Middle School student had been working on the Brentwood Police Activities League truck restoration project. He had gone into a local store and was inside for about 10 minutes when his bicycle that he had ridden there was stolen. 

An officer came to take a report as Officer Michael Rucker drove around trying to locate the bike without success. Rucker had personal knowledge of Smith stating “Dylan gets everywhere by bicycle, he loves to BMX, go to the skate park, working on trucks. He is not in a position to buy a new bicycle so we wanted to donate to the family for him to get around town. He is a good kid, very respectful, you talk to this kid for 5-minutes and you like him. He has a good heart and he does good work on the truck.”

According to Rucker he sent out an e-mail to his Department and within minutes people started responding to donate for a new bicycle for Smith. One of the very first donations came from Chief Mark Evenson. Rucker told East County Today in an interview “Without hesitation, when I sent out the email, before I could get a glass of water, people were replying wanting to help and asking how to get some money into the pot. It was amazing. They jumped right it. The Brentwood Police Department is full of good people who didn’t even ask questions, they just reacted and we have some very selfless people here. We really are all about the community.”

The following notation was made on the City of Brentwood – Police Department’s Facebook Page about the incident.

Officer Rucker goes above and beyond.

Dylan who is a participant in the Brentwood Police Activities League (PAL) Truck Restoration Program went to the store with some friends after working on the truck Wednesday. While he was at the store someone stole his new bike. Officer Rucker knowing Dylan from the PAL program reached out to his fellow officer asking them to pitch so he could get Dylan a new bike. Here are the results of everyone’s efforts. Thank you to all the officers and especially Officer Rucker for helping Dylan get his new bike.

Officer Michael Rucker and Dylan Smith


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