Bloomington, Ind. Police Officer gives the ticket of a lifetime to a 17year old

Abigail Guthrie turned 17 and her parents Rachel and Troy wanted to make it very memorable, so they turned to Police Sgt. Brandon Lopossa for his help to make it something she would never forget.

Abigail’s Parents Rachel and Troy had made arrangements with Sgt. Lopossa in advance prior to taking Abigail out for dinner. They told him where they would be coming from and going to and most certainly that she would be driving. 

They had also purchased a ticket for her to go see Justin Bieber in concert which they had given the good Sergeant in advance of the stop.

The entire stop was recorded by her father including Abigail stating she was going to cry because she was so happy after getting her ‘ticket’

During the stop Abigail was given some good advice though about driving carefully that will probably stick with her for a long while.

Bloomington Police Department

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