4 Federal Officers injured attempting to take fugitive in custody in Topeka, Kansas

A subject wanted by the United States Marshalls task force for a robbery shot at Federal Officers as they attempted to take him into custody for robbery charges. The subject set fire to a Motel in Topeka.

At approximately 10:00 P.M. on Saturday evening federal Officers who had been looking for a man who was on the top 10 most wanted list had been found hiding at the Country Club Motel. When officers attempted to take him into custody Agents suffered gunshot wounds from the subject as he barricaded himself inside the motel. 

The four Agents were taken to a local area hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The subject was identified as Orlando Collins, who had also been sought as a person of interest in a holdup and carjacking on Friday in the 100 block of S.W. 37th. The vehicle that had been carjacked was set on fire. The robbery was committed with a sawed off shotgun. Collins was also connected with the April 6th attempted robbery of the Brookwood Dillons, 2815 S.W. 29th, and the armed holdup of a Kwik Shop located on  102 S.W. 37th Street.

After Collins exchanged gunfire with the agents a fire was started inside the motel. More Law Enforcement officers were called to the scene and a perimeter was set up to ensure public safety.

Law Enforcement Officers called for an armored vehicle at the scene and set up a command post where a district attorney and high ranking officials began working to bring the incident to a peaceful conclusion, requesting negotiations with Collins.

A helicopter arrived on the scene shortly after firefighters did who were fighting the fire that had continued to grow. The helicopter stayed overhead spotlighting the area.

The fire continued for over an hour as firefighters worked to control it. The blaze was finally brought under control and access was reopened to the area early this morning.

Collins had written on his Facebook page:

I don’t care if anyone does like me or mad who I’m with then y’all set there talk sh*t behind my back but don’t have the balls sh*t talk shit to my face only talk hard when u got someone with u have your back I’m a one man Army I got the guns to back it up so if we need go there i don’t hide or run from anyone if y’all got a problem with let be know do wait tell y’all n*gga are drunk or high then y’all got some to say I put my gun down give all y’all old school a*s beat down y’all got me f*ck up for real I feel like this I can pull to who ever crib we can fight it out it what ever

Collins added, “I got one more thing to say I can do my time with out snitch to get off of charges or get time off y’all fake dealer y’all better keep my name out of your mouth before I start putting everybody’s business on blast don’t make me screenshot the paperwork I will.”

He had also posted several photos of himself as well as photos of weapons that he stated he had access to.

It was not stated if Collins had been arrested or injured. Craig Beam, chief deputy U.S. Marshal for the Kansas district stated it was “very possible” the suspect died in the fire.

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