Traverse City, MI. Police Officer helps woman and child paying it forward

An officer pulled over a woman for a child restraint violation and found that she just couldn’t afford to buy a car seat for her child. The Officer paid it forward

Officer Adam Verschaeve found that a woman was unable to pay the cost of a child restraint device for her vehicle. Rather than give her a ticket for the violation and causing her further debt that she couldn’t afford and more problems the Officer went and bought one for the woman with his own money. He then went and installed the seat for the woman so that her child would be safe. 

The Officer went far and above his job protecting and serving.

The Traverse City, MI Police Department acknowledged the act on their Facebook page with the following statement:

Today at 1:30 p.m., Officer Adam Verschaeve was on patrol and observed a child restraint violation. Officer Verschaeve conducted a traffic stop and made contact with a single mother and her 6 year old daughter. The 6 year old wasn’t in a car seat and there wasn’t one at all in the vehicle.

The mother told Officer Verschaeve she can’t afford one and that is the reason her daughter wasn’t in a car seat. Officer Verschaeve had the mother park the vehicle while he went to Meijer and purchased a car seat with his own money. Officer Verschaeve, who is a certified car seat technician for our department, assisted the mother by installing the car seat and showed her the proper way the seat should be installed.

When asked about the incident, Officer Verschaeve didn’t want any recognition and felt it was the “righ thing to do”. Officer Verschaeve, a father himself is currently assigned to the dayshift and has been with our department for almost 12 years.

Great work Officer Verschaeve!



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