Washington County Sheriff’s Office Update on Lt. Augustine progress

WBL was contacted by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office today and given an update on Lt. Augustine this morning which we are delighted to pass on. Our thoughts and prayers are with him for his complete recovery and return to duty.

We haven’t posted about our Lieutenant Augustine since April 7, the day he was finally released to go home from the rehab hospital, so we thought we’d let him give you an update. He’s still got a long road to recovery, but our lieutenant has great determination and we can’t wait for the day he is back on the job and taking care of the citizens of Washington County again! 

From Lt. Augustine:

“I’ve had several people ask for an update on my status, so here it is.

It’s slow going. My pain is managed pretty well, most of the time, in a manner that keeps me alert and able to function. I’m uncomfortable most of the time. My wounds are healing well and are expected to be healed in the next 1-2 weeks. As far as recovery goes, that is expected to take 12 months, but I’ll try to shave that down some. smile emoticon

Part of my femur is shattered from the bullet, a 12 gauge slug, and the surgeon could not put it together. They are hoping that all those bone fragments will start to form solid bone. The big question in all of this – is the top of my femur (the head) going to receive the proper blood flow through all those broken pieces? If not, the head will die and I will have to have total hip replacement. So, I ask you, and everyone else, to pray specifically that the head of my femur will get the proper blood flow and those bone fragments will begin to form solid bone. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement, I certainly covet them.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office

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