San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, NM assisted in rescue of 2 people from submerged vehicle

As reported by the Facebook fan page New Mexico Going Blue

San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, as well as paramedics and good Samaritans, rescued an 80 year old mother and her 47 year old daughter from a submerged vehicle this past Thursday morning in Aztec, NM. A dump truck ran a small vehicle off the road and into an irrigation ditch, causing it to roll and sink in the churning waters. 

Detective Sgt. Candice Montoya witnessed the incident, and called it in. She then jumped into the water, breaking the back window with a rock, and attempted to free the victims. The seat belts and the water added to the weight, and she was unable to free them. She watched the mother’s head become submerged in the water, and tried everything she could to get her out.

The vehicle was rolling in the water, and other SJCSO deputies and good samaritans were able to right the vehicle back onto four wheels. Paramedics assisted with the rescue, helping to free the daughter from the passenger side, and floating the mother out of the back window. The mother at this time had stopped breathing, and did not have a pulse.

Once she was brought out of the water, rescuers began CPR. Deputies and paramedics were able to resuscitate her on scene, and both the mother and daughter were transported to the hospital with minor injuries. Their vehicle was then pulled from the ditch.

Aztec police were able to stop the truck that had run them off the road, and cited the driver for improper lane change. The driver apparently had no idea that he’d run a vehicle off the road.

Way to go SJCSO, and to all of the other rescuers!

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Photo and story by Steve Garrison/The Daily Times.

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The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, NM also Posted a follow up stating: 

WOW!! We are so proud of your efforts today Detective Sgt. Candice Montoya, you are awesome!! A huge thank you to Lieutenants Jamison and Pixton, as well as Sgt. Facka and deputy Mangan. You all did an incredible job! Thank you to the citizens that helped our officers flip the car back over, you left before we could tell you how much we appreciated the help! We are thankful for all the EMS personnel as well. This was quite the team effort!


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