Nicoma Park, OK. Police Department Officer Davenport shows Old School values

An officer of Nicoma Park Police was called not to put the fear of god into a child but to be a positive influence in his life. Officer Davenport showed some old school values and a good lesson for us all.

From the Nicoma Park, OK. Police Department‘s Facebook page: 

 With so many negative stories out there these days about police agencies, here’s a small feel-good story out of our own town: Earlier today, Officer Davenport was at Nicoma Park Elementary School with a DHS official on a referral. While there, a mother of a young boy asked Officer Davenport to speak with her son, who had gotten himself into a bit of trouble at school and was being sent home for the day. Officer Davenport went to the home of the boy and spoke to him about the importance of listening to and obeying his mother and also his teachers at school. During the course of their talk, they struck up a friendly game of hoops and the boy told Officer Davenport that he would show the respect to is mother and teacher that was expected of him, and that he hoped to be able to play hoops with Officer Davenport again in the future. We looking forward to their next matchup!


“The Runaway” Norman Rockwell 1958

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