Columbia, MO. Police Officer pays it forward, gesture appreciated, shared thousands of times.

A Columbia Police Officer named Lt. Geoff Jones stopped to help a young lady whose vehicle broke down. The officer was thanked on the lady’s Facebook page and shared thousands of times.

Sadly she had to defend her position of thanking him for the simple act of paying it forward to the people who viewed her post because they simply hate Police officers. 

While there were hundreds of comments stating how kind a gesture the officer made and what a good thing he did there were equally as many derogatory comments made simply because he was a Police officer. Yet as the young lady who wrote the post named “Sha Sha” pointed out in one of her many rebuttals:

“I knew not everyone was going to agree w this picutre but when none of my family or friends helped me this man did, hes a good person who was a blessing to me and my family today an i will not let that go just unoticed mfs wont even give you $5 or a ride but this man baught me a battery and took me to work”

Here was her original Post that appeared on the Columbia Missouri Police Department’s Facebook page:

Today has been challenging! Car died by Clark Ln. When no one had the patience/time to help this officer not only helped me but took me to Walmart an bought me a new car battery etc.!!! Officer Jeff you are a amazing person. I appreciate all your help and today you where my hero! Thank you again🙏🏽 I could never thank you enough #Blessing #GoodOfficersMatter #GoodPeople #RealPerson #OfficerJones #Cpd #Geoffrey #ProtectAnServe 👮🏼🚔 #Lmp


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