Spokane, WA. Police officer helped save the life of a driver and three children.

A driver was having a medical emergency while driving near Indiana Division and Indiana on Tuesday. According to reports an officer was unable to stop the driver, who eventually jumped the median and collided with a car on the other side of the road. Only quick thinking by officers saved four people.

Very little was posted bout the incident on Spokane, WA Police Departments Facebook page, but what we were able to gather the Officers involved were able to stop the medically ill motorist byboxing in the vehicle. 

After the vehicle had been boxed in one of the officers coaxed one of the children inside the vehicle to open the doors so that a rescue could be accomplished safely. This is what was posted by the City of Spokane Fire Department on the City of Spokane Police Department’s Facebook page.


Excellent Police work this morning when an SPD unit observed a driver in distress near Indiana/Division. The SUV driver was erratic and had children in the vehicle. Two officers used their vehicles to secure the front and rear of the SUV while officers removed the driver and saved the children from a very dangerous situation. We were called to evaluate and treat the driver who was suffering from a medical emergency. He was transported to the hospital after receiving treatment by Paramedics. Great Job to our partners at SPD!

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