Boston, MA. Officer helps runner finish Boston Marathon

A Boston Marathon runner was inspired by a Boston Police officer yards from the finish line when they sat down giving up. Someone snapped photos of the runner stopping and sitting, then the officer offering encouraging words giving the runner the strength to continue on to finish.

The Boston Police Department  posted the following message that they received on their Facebook page with the photos 

Today, we received a montage of photos from one of our Facebook followers who had watched the Boston Marathon a few hundred feet from the Finish Line on Boylston Street. The spectator, who wished to remain anonymous, wrote in a message that he witnessed and took pictures of a Boston Police Officer assisting a runner that he wished to share with the public. Said the spectator:

“Today [Monday, April 18] I watched the Boston Marathon from the 5th floor at 745 Boylston Street. I witnessed an act of kindness that I want people to know about. When a runner could not continue, with only yards to go to the finish line, this officer stepped in. I do not know what he told her, but I know I was inspired.

[The officer] helped her open the water bottle as we watched from the 5th floor window. The crowd was roaring their support.

He continued to console and encourage her. You could tell he was not going to let her stop and give up there.

After several tries, he helped her up. She jumped back in the race and crossed the finish line 60 seconds later.

I have a few pictures and do not want credit, but I only think it is fair that an act of sincere support receives the appreciation that it truly deserves.”

We want to say “thank you” to this spectator for capturing and sharing this inspiring moment—one that displays what the spirit of the Boston Marathon is all about!


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