Richmond, VA. Police Officer meets kids in store, makes the Thin Blue Line Wider

Officers showing acts of kindness daily, These are the bonds that make the Thin Blue Line Wider

Richmond Police Department Posted the following to their facebook page on April 19.

Courtesy of 8News – this is a great story about Fourth Precinct Officer Christopher Saunders: 

A woman at a Richmond store witnessed a lovely act of kindness between a police officer and four kids.

8News viewer Gail J. said she was shopping at the Golden Eagle convenience story in Gilpin Court when Officer Saunders from the Richmond Police Department came in for one of his nightly visits.

After a few minutes in the store, Gail said she noticed a grandmother with her four grandchildren come in the store. The boys were excited to see Officer Saunders and began to huddle around him, Gail said. Saunders spoke with the children before they ran off to grab some snacks.

One of the boys found his way back to Officer Saunders and gave him a long hug while saying “thank you,” Gail said.

“It melted my heart,” she wrote in an email to 8News. “I could see that the hug he [Officer Saunders] received touched his heart. I saw it in his eyes.”

The other boys also came back around to Officer Saunders and began shaking hands with him. The kids mentioned that they wanted to be police officers when they grew up.

After the exchange, Officer Saunders left the store and immediately returned with gifts for each child. The gifts were police-themed Matchbox cars and Legos.

“The kids were so thankful and excited for the gifts,” Gail said. “Especially since they were ‘police’ gifts from a real police officer.”

Officer Saunders stayed and chatted with the children for a few minutes more before he was called away for work.

“It’s nice to see that in the world we live in, there are officers that still care about the community and the people in it,” Gail said in her email. “He didn’t have to do what he did, but he truly looked like he was just as excited as the kids were.”

Gail tells 8News that she’s seen Officer Saunders in the Golden Eagle store several times and that he’s always been kind to those he encounters.

“I am glad that he works in this area and from the looks of things, there are a few others glad as well,” Gail said.

We’re glad, too. Thanks for all you do, Officer Saunders!


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