LAPD, S. Burlington police, fire and EMT of VT and “Make-A-Wish” help 8 year old boy

8 year old Noah of Vermont who was born with a rare condition called Vacteral Association, a disorder that affects his internal organs from functioning, dreamed of visiting LAPD and LAFD. His wish has been granted.

A little boy who has a sparkling personality was born with a debilitating disease known as Vacteral Association. The child has had 23 operations so far in his short life and has dreamed of seeing the LAPD and LAFD for himself. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation and some very dedicated Police, Fire and EMT’s his wish has come true. 

Noah Cohen has had to suffer being in the hospital since the day he was born. In fact he was hospitalized for 5 ½ months after his birth and required 23 additional surgeries after that according to his mother Amy.  His condition will require treatments for the rest of his life as well. But he will always have the memories of his wish that was granted by the people of the Police and Fire Departments of Vermont and California that he made through Make-A- Wish.

Noah was flown to Los Angeles (because most of what he has seen about Police has been on television featuring LAPD) where he met Officers from that Police Department.

Noah was strapped in a Police car for the ride of his life, where he experienced a simulated pursuit and they even did a PIT maneuver on a vehicle for him. Although that wasn’t nearly enough for a wish to be granted fully, Noah was then put in SWAT vehicles and did some maneuvers inside them. He even got to fly inside a Police helicopter.

“I know the officers are enjoying this,” said Captain Vic Davalos who is a training coordinator with the LAPD. “But it’s the officers who are learning from this child’s courage. He is amazing.” It was stated that there were officers who had tears in their eyes who were watching Noah who was enjoying himself so much.

If there is any question if Noah enjoyed himself just watch the video here:


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