Greenville, NC Police Department Working with mom to help her kids

Greenville, NC Police Department changing perceptions one child at a time

Greenville, NC Police Department made an excellent post that needs to be seen and shared. This is what they wrote: 

Meet Jamari. He is the son of a man who has been heavily involved in organized crime, has a long history with Greenville PD, and has served time federally. Despite this fact, Jamari’s mother is determined to change what people expect to be a statistic. You see, contrary to what some might want to believe, Jamari’s father’s criminal past does not define him. It does not change the fact that he is a loving, adventurous, inquisitive little boy.

His father’s criminal history also doesn’t define Jamari’s perception of law enforcement. His career plans include crime. Crime-fighting, that is. Yep…you read right…Jamari wants to be a police officer when he grows up. Not just any police officer, but a GPD SWAT officer.

So on his 7th birthday, when GPD officers learned of Jamari’s wishes, we felt it was a no brainer to oblige.

Sometimes you come across people and families who impact you in unexpected ways. Out of a single encounter, several things can happen.

(A.) It can be just that. A single encounter; a temporary, passing moment in someone’s life.


(B.) Out of that single encounter, a bond can develop. A bond that leaves a permanent place in your heart.

Let’s just say, after this past weekend, there are a lot of full hearts…

Next time our SWAT team needs back-up, we know who to call smile emoticon HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAMARI!!!

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