Grafton, W.V. Man attempts to kill 3 Officers, suspect arrested national media silent

Once again, a man who not only attempted to run officers over but attempted to shoot them was taken into custody in Grafton, W.V.. The suspect wasn’t shot, neither were the officers, so naturally the media was silent.

Again, Officers showed great restraint this time in Grafton W.V. on April 18, 2016 when Grafton Police attempted to pull over a man in a 1988 Dodge Dakota on suspicion of DWI on Luzader Street in Grafton around 12:30 a.m.. 

The operator of the vehicle Rollie C. Poynter, Jr., 50 was driving in speeds in excess of 60 M.P.H. in attempts to avoid being stopped as Officers chased him through their jurisdiction and assistance from the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office was rendered in attempts to stop the subject.

Poynter was operating with a female and a 6 year old child in the vehicle as he attempted to evade law enforcement officers.

As the pursuit of the individual continued into Monongalia County, Sheriff’s Deputies assisted from that jurisdiction as well on U.S. Route 50/119.  The female and six year old were able to escape as the driver suddenly stopped the vehicle in an attempt to turn around. Neither the woman nor child was reported to be injured in their escape from the vehicle.

Stop sticks were deployed by Monongalia County Sheriff’s Deputies however Poynter saw them and avoided the devices and drove through a homeowner’s yard and increased his speeds up to 70 M.P.H. as he continued to avoid capture.

The suspect continued to try and out run the officers from three agencies at dangerously high rates of speeds through highways and local roads until he was finally stopped when his vehicle spun out.

Two deputies advanced upon Poynter’s vehicle as it was stopped and Poynter attempted to run over one of the Deputies. As he did another Deputy was able to enter the man’s vehicle and attempted to take him into custody. At that time Poynter stopped the vehicle completely and began fighting with the Deputy.

Another Deputy entered the vehicle from the other side. Poynter produced what appeared to be a revolver and pointed it at one of the officers and stated he would kill him. Officers pinned Poynter down and the weapon discharged.

No one was shot when the weapon was fired. The gun was recovered and was found to be a Titan Tiger snub nose 38 special. Poynter, who is a convicted Felon, is prohibited from owning such a weapon already. He has been convicted of multiple felonies previously and was convicted in Taylor County for wanton endangerment with a firearm, and attempting to commit first degree murder in 2005.

He was held now on three counts of attempt to commit second degree murder, and three counts of attempt to commit malicious assault. His bail was set at $2 million.

Once again, a vehicle was used in an attempt to run officers down just as was done in Troy, New York just yesterday as reported here. Once again National media is very quiet about Officers protecting and serving as violent people are taken off the streets and innocent people are protected by Police 24/7/365.

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