Chattanooga, TN. Officer saves suicidal woman from jumping off bridge

Police Officer Steven Meador responded to the Market Street Bridge where a distraught woman was ready to leap to her death. His quick thinking and fast actions saved her life.

The incident was recorded on the Officers vehicle dash camera and released along with the following description of the events. The short event lasts just over 2 minutes and could have ended very differently if not for the efforts of Officer Meador and others on the scene. 

Yesterday around 11:30, FTO (Field Training Officer/K9 Handler) Steven Meador, responded to a female standing on the edge of the Market Street Bridge.

Once on scene Officer Meador noticed a female sitting on the southbound side of the Market Street handrail. Once out of his car, the officer tried to engage in conversation with the female party, who only grew more agitated with every second.

During this time the female stood up and faced the Tennessee River. Officer Meador then turned to another officer on scene and told him to continue to try and talk to her. The female party then stated, “I’m done!” and start crying while looking down at the river.

At this time, out of fear for the female party’s life, Officer Meador ran up, grabbed the back of the female party’s shirt and pants, and pulled her from the railing.

The female party did sustain minor injuries during the rescue, but is still with us today.

Thank you Officer Meador, and all the assisting CPD officers, for your dedication to this city and its people.


From the  Chattanooga Police Department

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