Troy, N.Y. Suspect attempts to crush Officer with car during traffic stop

Officials say a city police officer was injured and a suspect shot and killed early Sunday morning after a traffic stop in the city’s North Central neighborhood led to a brief car chase.

Troy Police said early Sunday morning at around 3:15 a.m. a Troy Police Officer was conducting a traffic stop on 6th Ave between Hutton and Hoosick St. During the stop, the driver tried to run over the officer with his car and sped off. 

The officer chased the vehicle north on 6th Ave and then east on Hoosick St, where the driver attempted to make a U-turn onto the Collar City Bridge westbound.

The suspect struck a barrier and the officer was able to block the vehicle from the front and another patrol car tried to block the suspect from behind. That’s when police said the officer from the original stop got out of his car and tried to arrest the driver.

The suspect then hit the police car behind him, according to officers, and then drove forward and pinned Sgt. Randy French between the suspect’s car and his police vehicle. Troy police said that is when the officer shot through the windshield at the suspect.

The driver then drove forward hitting an officer and pinning him between the suspect’s car and a police car. Police said the officer shot the driver.

More officers responded to help move the suspect’s car and free Sgt. French who was taken to Albany Medical Center. The suspect, meanwhile, was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


WBL Note: This story will probably not make national headlines. Most stories where Officers are not killed do not. However had the officer involved not drawn his sidearm and defended himself chances are very likely that he would have been killed by the suspect.

Vehicles kill thousands of people yearly accidently, when one is being used as a weapon to crush someone they are considered a “dangerous instrument” in New York State*

Regardless of how the media or our friends at PERF wish to portray vehicles being used to attack Police officers they are in fact very deadly and officers should be able to defend themselves against them using deadly physical force.

This is just another example of how media is making Officers more vulnerable to threats that are facing them on a daily basis by negating the dangers that they are dealing with. As they portray officers in a bad light as often as they can. This was written about on March 25 here in an article titled “Officer shootings on the rise who is to blame? Media, politicians and a vocal minority.


*Article 10.00 (13) 13. “Dangerous instrument” means any instrument, article or substance, including a “vehicle” as that term is defined in this section, which, under the circumstances in which it is used, attempted to be used or threatened to be used, is readily capable of causing death or other serious physical injury.


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