Philadelphia, Pa. Officer shot two suspects in custody.

An officer responded to a woman who stated her vehicle was being stolen, while attempting to safeguard her property the officer was shot. The officer continued to chase and fight his attackers.

A female approached officers and said that men were breaking into her vehicle. Officer McCulla, 24 of the Philadelphia Police Department a two year veteran and his partner went to investigate the complaint near the 5900 block of Market St. 

As officers approached the vehicle two suspects existed the vehicle and attempted to run. Officer McCulla,  tackled one of the males as the men started to run. Almost instantly the Officer was shot in his left leg the male got up and started running.

Officer McCulla got up and perused the male and fired three times. The male continued to run and escaped “Very briefly” according to Commissioner Ross.

Officer McCulla, applied a tourniquet to himself and was taken to the hospital by his partner where he is listed in stable condition with a gunshot wound to his left thigh.

Two males were taken into custody by other officers and officials are waiting for positive identification from those involved in the incident.

The Officer is engaged and has a two year old daughter. McCulla is a two year veteran of the Police Department.

Many Philadelphia Police officers have been trained and carry tourniquets. The commissioner of Police credits these devices with saving many lives.

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