Mooresville, N.C. Officer making connections with community members

Knowing that every person is valuable – from #LoveWhatMatters to #WESEEYOU #GOODCOPS

“This morning while driving through my little Mooresville, NC town….I drove past CVS and saw this…one of Mooresville’s finest taking his time sitting and talking with a homeless man. tt absolutely touched my heart so much that I had to park, walk out beside the street and shake that officers hand. I let him know how appreciated he is and how thankful I am for he and his fellow officers for protecting our community. I could tell he was shocked by my kindness and they were both totally happy to let me take their photo together. In the world we live in today I think it’s more important now than ever to thank an officer and let them know how appreciative we are for thier service and sacrifice . Who knows, he may be the one that saves my life from danger one day.”

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