Lone Peak, UT. Police Officers rescue 60 year old woman from burning home (Video)

Officers Susov and Farnsworth rescue woman during middle of the night from burning home.

At around 4:50 a.m. at a residence located on 590 E and 300 N in Alpine in Lone Peak, Utah a fire broke out where a 60 year old woman was residing. The lone occupant was unaware that a fire had begun and by the time she had become aware of it she was unable to escape the blaze that had ensued. 

Officers Susov and Farnsworth of the Lone Peak Police- Utah were the first responders on the scene and assessed the situation finding that they were unable to enter the residence through the door and located the woman in the basement. While quickly thinking they removed her through the basement window without injury.

No other persons were inside the residence at the time.

Raw Video footage was obtained from a body camera of one the officers and provided by the Lone Peak Police of the event as the rescue unfolded.

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