Cedar Falls, IA Officer cleared of improper conduct, suspect arrested for filing false report

After an allegation of an officer making inappropriate remarks and not following procedure while handling a female suspect was investigated, an officer was cleared of misconduct and his accuser was arrested for filing a false report.

Cedar Falls, Ia. The incident stemmed from a call of a disturbance in a home on January 10, 2016 when officers were sent to check the residents. While there investigating the original complaint, officers found glass and wooden pipes with burnt residue in places that were accessible to a child in the home, according to court records. Police also found a mirror with a white residue and a straw. 

One officer was stationed within the residence while other officers left to obtain a search warrant for narcotics in the home. Approximately ten days after the premises were searched for drugs Laura Myers, 34 claimed that the officer that had been left behind made inappropriate remarks and made inappropriate demands of her. She filed official charges with the Cedar Falls Police Department against the Officer involved.

An Internal investigation was conducted regarding he incident. Myers claimed that the officer “made her keep the door open when she entered a bathroom to put on a bra and told her he had to watch” it was also claimed that he made “inappropriate comments”.

After the investigation Public Safety Director Chief Jeff Olson stated that in fact the incident did not occur as she had alleged and was confident that the body camera exonerated the Officer “The camera was never off. If it was we’d be able to tell that,” Olson said. “The body camera showed that absolutely didn’t happen.”

Court records from an investigating Lieutenant stated “At no time during the contact is the (woman) unclothed in the officer’s view, and the officer is never inappropriate in his conduct,”

On April 6, Myers was arrested for making a false statement to law Enforcement regarding the incident.

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