Nevada City, CA. Police Department makes 12 year old boy with Cystic Fibrosis a junior officer

Ethan Roth the 12-year-old Grass Valley resident who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth and is currently waiting for a liver and pancreas transplant was sworn in as a Nevada City Junior Officer during a ceremony on Wednesday.

On Wednesday evening during a special presentation the Chief of the Nevada City Police Department in California made Ethan Roth a Junior Policeman fulfilling one of the young boy’s lifelong dreams. 

Ethan was born with Cystic Fibrosis which is known to cause persistent lung infections and progressively limits one’s ability to breathe. Sadly Ethan’s condition has worsened over the past three years as he developed problems with his liver as well. Now Ethan is requiring a liver transplant as well.

The child is in a constant battle fighting for oxygen, having problems with infections, kidney stones and problems with his pancreas. As he lies in bed attached to machines coughing up blood wondering what will happen to him next all he must want is what other kids take for granted, a normal life with dreams that seem attainable.

He is unable to attend schools or even able to be placed in a normal hospital that helps children in his position. Because Ethan has been diagnosed with methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics, he is not a candidate for the free housing provided by the Ronald McDonald House. Thus, his parents are bearing an extra burden of cost that most other parents would not on top of the stress of having a child that has been sick since birth.

It was reported by The Union that while in the hospital, Ethan was having a very bad incident, Officers came to his room and lifted his spirits.  “He had blood coming out of his mouth, he was so afraid that he was going to die; and then Chief Foley and Officer McLaughlin came to the hospital, and all of the sudden he was smiling,” Cynthia Prout (Ethan’s mother) said. “They’ve pretty much taken Ethan under their wings.” That was when she learned that Ethan would be made a Junior Police officer. Right before Ethan was air-lifted in a helicopter to University of California at Davis.

“He has a long desire to become a police officer,” Nevada City Police Chief Tim Foley said of Roth during The Nevada City Council meeting on April 12th.  “We thought maybe we can jump-start that and help him achieve a goal.”

During the ceremony Chief Foley stated “Ethan you will have all the trappings of a police officer, so the first thing you’ll have is a uniform,” said Police Chief Tim Foley, who presented Ethan the key to the city, a code of ethics and a Polo shirt, among other things. “I am sure that he will be a wonderful addition to the Nevada City Police Department for years to come, and understand that you have a ride along and a tour of the department coming,” Foley was quoted as stating by The Union.

Footage of the Swearing in ceremony where Ethan was mad e a Junior Officer was made public.

Ethan has a Liver transplant fund that has been set up that gives frequent updates. The fund is named Ethan’s Liver Transplant Fund and currently is very close to reaching the goal of $13,000 just short by $800.00.

There is an additional fund that has been set up for the cost that is being born to help Ethan. Please consider donating to Ethan’s Hospital Fund.





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