Mount Holly, N.J. Police Officers make 7 year old Honorary Police officer who honored them

7 year old cancer victim Darien Hoefling spent his time recovering from two emergency surgeries making bracelets for the men and women of the Mount Holly Police Department to honor them. The Officers in turn honored Darien in a very special way.

On Thursday Officers from The Mount Holly Police Department gathered to pay tribute in the most significant way that they could to the 7 year old that they have come to know as “Deej” a little boy who has inspired them and captured their hearts. 

Last year Darien was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to undergo two emergency surgeries to save his life. The child was left legally blind. During his recovery period as he wasn’t able to do much, he made bracelets for the officers of the Mount Holly Police Department in the colors of their patrol cars.

Darien thinks very highly of Police Officers and when asked why he states “because they keep Mount Holly Safe”

When the officers received their bracelets and found out about Darien and his story they all wanted to do something for him and meet him. It was decided that he would become an honorary Police Officer and that they would make it a special event for him.

Bracelets made for the officers of the Mount Holly Police Department by 7 year old Darien

Officers gathered of all ranks including the Chief of Police in a celebration for Darien. They presented him with a plaque and certificate commemorating the swearing-in as an honorary officer. He was also given a police pin and badge.

After reading the proclamation and handshakes were given, along with a generous supply of hugs there was a round of photographs taken by media people of the event. After the swearing in and photographs there was a pizza party in the new officer’s honor as well. Giving all the officers time to get to know the newest member of Mount Holly’s finest better.

Pizza Party with the Mount Holly Police

The officers say that Darien is the hero. Comments were made about the 7 year old such as: “He’s very outgoing, and that impressed us. He’s almost irrepressible in his attitude,” “Darien is the real superhero here,” said Mount Holly Police Chief Thomas J. Mastrangelo. “To go through not one but two major surgeries at such a young age and remain so positive is truly extraordinary. We admire his strength, tenacity and bravery in the face of such scary circumstances and are proud to welcome him into our family.”

“When he came to the police station to give us these key chains, I was in aww. He’s unbelievable, I had to meet him immediately,” says Officer Deborah Brewer
“He’s the real hero here. To be able to get through something like that is just amazing,” said Mount Holly Township Police Officer David Fisher.

Darien likes superhero’s as well he stated: “I feel like a superhero because I’ve been through a lot,” Darien told reporters. When asked what it takes to be a superhero, he replied, “It takes guts.”

As a matter of fact, his love for superheroes is so well known that all the officers who went to his swearing in ceremony wore superhero shirts under their uniform shirts and showed them in a photograph in his honor.

Darien himself wears a cape that reads : “Darien: 1. Brain Tumor: zero.”

Darien sells his bracelets on a Facebook page to support the same organizations that supported him during his battle with cancer. His page is called Deej Originals

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