Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida making a difference every day

Almost every day you can see officers in a positive light interacting with the community in Orange County Florida on their Facebook page. The officers especially love working with kids.

While the Orange County, Fl. Sheriff’s office does not post every interaction that they have with the public there is more than enough evidence to show that they have routine interactions with the public, especially when it comes to children. 

They spend a great deal of their time working with kids to form positive connections with the community and especially children. It is always a good idea for parents and guardians to tell children that officers are helpful and to encourage them to seek out officers for assistance rather than make them afraid of officers.


Making a Difference:
Deputy Forgey and his K-9 Gunther paid a visit to the Girl Scouts of Troop 364 who meet at Cypress Springs Elementary School. The Scouts had a great time and sent this note:
“Thank you Gunther and Deputy Jason Forgey from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida, for teaching us about respecting authority!! – Girl Scout troop 364” A great time was had by all!

April 10 at 11:00am · Making a Difference:
At Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Deputy Baker was all too happy to pose with visitors from the United Kingdom. These folks are from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and are part of Mansfield Community First Responders.
Writes Simon, who took the photo and is the father of the two smiling children with our Deputy:
“I am a visiting EMT from The UK and have a very special Responder Ted visiting with us and taking a break from helping sick children keep smiling back home.
Thank you to your Officer today who took the time to have a picture. Much appreciated. Stay safe.”
Thanks for the picture!
We love to meet our visitors who come to Orange County’s many attractions from all over the world.
Responder Ted on tour Walt Disney World

Responder Ted on tour Walt Disney World.jpg

4/2/2016  Making a Difference:
Deputy First Class Conner has a young fan named Lillian. The 3-year-old recently met the OCSO Deputy while he was working at Blizzard Beach.
Her mother Holly writes:
“We are a local family that loves spending time at Walt Disney World. Yesterday, we visited Blizzard Beach with our three-year-old daughter.
On our way in we encouraged her to say ‘hello’ to the police officer standing close to the entrance, which she did. He said ‘hello’ back and on our way we went.
A few hours later, we had packed up to head home and on our way out. We saw the same police officer to which we said goodbye to, only he didn’t just say goodbye, he gave high-fives, walked us to his patrol car, gave stickers, tattoos, a stuffed animal and hugs to our daughter!
It’s hard to top Disney Magic but that man did, he went above and beyond to instill trust and friendship to our young girl.
It is so important to teach our children that police officers are our friends, here to help and protect us. Thank you Orange County Sheriffs for making a difference.”
Deputy Conner was tickled pink and had no idea his picture was being taken. He says the interaction with children is why he loves being in law enforcement. He also has a granddaughter named Lillian.
Thank you Holly, for your kind words!

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