Corpus Christi, Tx. Police Officer reunites 2 year old with lifelong lost friend!

Through the use of Facebook a 2 year old was reunited with his lifelong friend that was shipped back to him in San Antonio.

A toddler lost his stuffed Kangaroo while on vacation in Corpus Christi, Texas and was heartbroken when he returned home to San Antonio. His parents contacted the Corpus Christi Police who put out an “A.P.B.” for the lost ‘kangaroo’ on Facebook.

Thankfully the missing stuffed animal was found on Padre Island in a shop called Ocean Treasures by a cashier named Lisa Force. She remembered seeing the Kangaroo in a lost and found bin theer. The Kangaroo was shipped first class back to his little owner with the help of Corpus Christi Police Senior Officer Kirk Stowers.

The Original post from the Corpus Christi Police Department was as follows:

Maybe you can help Alexander from San Antonio?
We got a message on Facebook about a lost friend on State Highway 361 on Padre Island and we want to help reunite these two life long friends.
The message on Facebook is:
“Please help Dit’dee find his way home!
My sons’ clumsy Kangaroo took an unfortunate trip out of the truck window while traveling home this morning from vacation.
“Dit’dee” has been part of our family since my son was born, and they never leave each others’ side.
When our son told us what happened it was far too late to turn around. His window was open between the Hampton Inn and Suites on 361 and the Ocean Treasures shop where Hwy 361 meets 358.
This Kanga is well loved with fresh stitches, and the dirt that only a toddler could share with his most special friend.
I have included the map of where Dit’Dee could be. We left the hotel in the direction toward the gift shop.”

KZTV Action 10 News Posted the video of Lisa Force preparing “Dit’dee” for his journey  home.

The Corpus Christi Caller Times noted that when Lisa Force went to Isle Mail & More to send the stuffed animal back to his San Antonio home, owner Scott Ford paid for shipping after hearing the story of the kangaroo in a box.



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