Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Indiana find and rescue 89 year old missing man with help from K-9 team

An 89 year old man who had been reported missing by family members was located after his vehicle was found abandoned near the banks of the White River. A K-9 team was deployed and successfully found the man unharmed.

Deputies from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, including Deputy Nate Biddle and K9 partner Waldo, successfully located a missing subject on April 11. Concerned family members first reported a missing 89 year old man around 5:30pm after the man failed to return home from a trip to Potters Bridge in Noblesville.  Deputies and family found the man’s car but a search of the park failed to locate him.

Enter K9 Waldo who put his skills to work and found the subject along the banks of the White River. Deputies are unsure how the subject wound up on the bank of the river as they had to assist him for over 100 yards before reaching an area that was level enough to get him away from the water. Medics checked him out as a safety precaution but he appears to be well.

Another fine job by the Sheriff’s Office in preventing what might have been a much worse situation along the banks of the White River.


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