Benton, AR. Police involved in community. Makes 10 year old’s Easter egg hunt turn out extra special

A 10 year old Sean Rhodes participated in the annual Easter Egg Hunt few weeks back and found a specially decorated egg. His prize was having a day to himself with the Mayor, and some of Benton’s finest!

Not only did Sean have fun it looks like everyone who was with the young man enjoyed the day as well. 

Benton Police Department Posted the following to their facebook page of the event.

This young man Sean had a HUGE lunch date today! He ate pizza and a cookie sandwich with Mayor David Mattingly, Police Chief Kirk Lane, and Officers Bedsole and Hastings. Then he got to check out a police cruiser, met K-9 Officer Beck and Honor, and left with a lot of goodies from the BNPD and City of Benton.

Oh, and Sean even got to put some handcuffs on his mom Michelle and take her into custody (albeit a very temporary custody). If you can’t tell by the pictures, Sean had a blast! And he was very polite, saying thank you over and over again. He ran around the K-9 vehicle saying cool as the blue lights were turned on, and threw his arms up in joy several times. So how did he get to have this little boy’s dream lunch? Stay tuned to find out.

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