Columbus, OH. police officer shot, suspect in custody.

Officers attempting to serve a warrant met with resistance leading to a barricaded situation. SWAT officers from Columbus were called and one officer was shot.

At about 11:45 P.M. on Saturday evening officers from the Columbus Police Department attempted to execute a Warrant on an individual located at 14 California Avenue. At that point the subject became resistant to a point that officers called for special units to assist in the arrest.  

By 2:45 A.M. after S.W.A.T. Officers had arrived the tense situation had escalated to a point that the suspect who was wanted had shot one officer and then the barricaded subject set his home on fire.

The Officer was rushed to Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center where he was last known to be in surgery. His condition was not yet made public.

Firefighters were hindered fighting the fires because of the standoff as flames and heavy smoke reportedly could be seen for a couple of blocks.

The suspect was taken into custody about 7:30 A.M. and was taken to a local medical center with unknown injuries.

A news release from the Columbus Police was as follows:

*UPDATE 7:47am: The suspect is now in police custody. He is hospitalized with unknown injuries.*

ONGOING POLICE SITUATION (6:50am): We are currently working a dangerous situation in the area of N. High St. & W. California Ave. on the city’s north end. Houses and apartments in the immediate area have been evacuated due to the danger involved.

Residents in the area should remain in their homes in a secure area until the situation is contained. An armed gunman inside as structure on W. California has already shot a SWAT officer. He is currently in surgery. Non-emergency personnel should stay away from the area until the situation is deemed safe.

Smoke & flames have been seen coming from the structure where the gunman was last seen. The area is still not safe for emergency personnel to properly contain the fire at this time. Additional details will be released when they become available.

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